Pesis Arnold Iosef, 1946 г.р.

Адрес: Alonim 14 Lapid 73133 ISRAEL

Телефон: 972-8-9765781

e-mail: pesis(et)

Mechanical engineer in automatization and integrated mechanization of industry
1965-1970 M.Sc. Polytechnical University in Riga, Latvia.
1960-1965 B.Sc. Technical School on Construction in Riga

1997 CAD - "SolidWorks-97"
1990 " AutoCAD ".
1986 The issues of Patenting and Invention.
Опыт работы
1998- Design Engineer "Eureka Technologies" Herzelia.
Mechanical and electronic packaging, developing devices and apparatus.
1995-1998 Design Engineer. "Electric Fuel LTD", Jerusalem
Developing new batteries and service system for electric vehicles
1992-1995 Quality Control Engineer. Electric Bulb and Accessory production
plant "DJG" Beit-Shemesh . Managing the technology and quality of
electric lamps and bulb.
1990-1992 Design Engineer. Electric Bulb and Accessory production plant
"Tadiran-Isrom", Jerusalem. Developing new equipment and devices for
bulb production. Designing plastic parts and assemblies of electric accessories.
1970-1990 Leading Design Engineer. Riga Electric Bulb Plant.
Developing devices, automatic facilities and control equipment.
Дополнительные сведения
SKILLS: AutoCAD , language-AutoLISP, SolidWorks, WIN-95,
Excel, electro-mechanic, optic, vacuum technique.
PUBLICATION: 9 patents of the USSR, all which are inculcated into production.
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